Systems Engineering

Organisations and Governments recognise the benefits of technology but often acquire technology without making a proper assessment of requirements which the technology is supposed to meet, nor properly budget for the life costs to keep that technology operating. This leads to less than optimum investment and increased downstream costs. Consequently the investment is often over budget and the acquired operational capability is less than that sought by the user community. Cann Research advises organisations on the best employment of technology through a structured top down assessment of needs in order to determine both operational and technical requirements, followed by supporting implementation through programme and supplier management. Technology serves operational needs. We plan technical programmes with the client from the operational domain, developing the concept of operations, operational procedures and processes as part of the overall technical programme.

Programme Management

Programme and Project Management practices are fundamental to successful delivery of project objectives. Project objectives and scope must be defined and managed. Budget, cost, risk and schedules must be managed and change control rigorously implemented. We specialise in high tech programmes where the relationship between project management and systems engineering is key to success. Our experience in both disciplines gives us a unique capability to support your project and programme activities.


Protection of life, assets, information, finances and brand are critical to all organisations in today's environment. Cann Research bring expertise and capability in developing security strategies, security policies and security plans through a structured process starting with a formal Security and Vulnerability assessment (SVA). We support the development of security strategies which subsequently lead to implementation of the security plan, covering organisations, roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures and finally employment of appropriate technology.